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Take a moment to picture this scenario. You find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you’ve been involved in a car accident. You’re OK, but you’ve sustained some injuries like cuts and scrapes, and one particular cut is bleeding pretty heavily.

Regrettably, you do not have an emergency roadside kit in your car, let alone a first aid kit. You’re forced to try and stop the bleeding with whatever you have on hand in your car, like leftover napkins in the glovebox, or even the shirt you’re wearing.

Instead of this type of situation playing out, it would be much better if you had access to a fully stocked first aid kit so that you can attend to your injuries and prevent them from potentially worsening.

Let’s take a look at several reasons why you should always carry a first aid car kit.

You are Your Own First Responder

When an emergency situation arises, we expect that EMTs and first responders will arrive quickly and provide assistance if needed.But in truth, you are actually your own first responder. And you are the one who can take immediate action when needed.

Unfortunately, emergency services are often spread thin. If EMTs are busy helping someone else, you may have to wait for help, and in some situations, that time is critical. Having a well-stocked first aid kit could literally be a lifesaver.

A Limited Supply of Blood

As gruesome as it may be to talk about, all of us have only so much blood in our bodies, and if we lose too much, bad things happen.Being able to stop blood loss, without delay, may be the difference between life and death. This is why carrying a fully stocked first aid kit with blood clotting materials is crucial to anyone who spends time on the roads.

Timely Assistance

As mentioned above, you are your own first responder, and being able to provide immediate assistance for various injuries is critical to preventing an escalation to a worse injury.

If you can use items from a first aid kit to temporarily help until professional paramedics arrive, you are well ahead of the game.

Save the Hassle

Many times, an injury may be small or the situation not as serious, and by having a first aid car kit,you can save not only the hassle of having to call and wait for emergency services to arrive and help, but also the cost of receiving those services. If you can safely take care of the injury with a tool from the first aid kit, then that is the best-case scenario.

Have Peace of Mind

There’s a special calmness that comes over most of us when we have a backup plan or a safety net. The same rings true of a first aid car kit. Hopefully you never have a need to use it, but just by having it stowed away in your trunk is a good way to have peace of mind that if something should happen, you are well prepared for whatever that may be.

Stock Your First Aid Car Kit

So what should you have in your first aid kit to ensure you’ve covered the bases for multiple emergency situations? Luckily, well-stocked pre-packaged first aid kits are available to purchase, which helps eliminate the guesswork of what you should put in your car. Or, if you’re so inclined you can create your own first aid kit with the exact items you want, and forego anything you think you may not need. And if you decide to go the put-together route, you can also supplement it with additional items you may find useful to your particular needs.  

A good first aid kit should include at least the following:   


  • Bandages (several sizes and shapes)

  • Gauze

  •  Sterile dressings

  • Antibiotic ointment or cream

  • Tweezers

  • Scissors

  • Aspirin

  • Cotton swabs

  • Aloe Vera (to treat minor burns)

  • Insect bite relief pads

  • Sunscreen

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Saline solution

  • Medical gloves

  • Tourniquet

You should also include a first aid manual or guide that features easy-to-follow instructions on how to handle common emergency situations.


To prepare yourself further for an emergency situation, a CPR or first aid class is an excellent idea. And this doesn’t just apply in regard to driving or vehicle situations, but for general life purposes as well.

With some planning and a well-stocked first aid kit, you’re on your way to being prepared the best you can be for whatever situations arise.

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