Brush Truck creation | Pump repair | Apparatus repair & Reconstruction | & more

    • New and used Fire Apparatus repair, servicing and updating by experts with more than 25-years experience apparatus development, re-building, repair and fire truck servicing. We repair, service and build/re-build all makes and models of Fire Apparatus in our state-of-the-art facility in Longview, Washington. 


  •    Fast turnaround (days, not weeks)
  •    Trucks - built to your local and regional specifications. Built the way you want to use them.
  •    Custom - how you want and what you want.
  •    Every truck is built to your specifications.
  •    Versatile, experienced build-team will work with you to create/update Brush Truck apparatus and solutions
  •    Exceed your current and future needs.
  •    Local and regional Pump testing and repair that allows you to meet certification standards.

Custom Production and Apparatus Repair

  •    New or updated Brush Trucks.
  •    Pump repair and maintenance.
  •    Trailers.
  •    Update water tanks and re-build apparatus chassis to load-balance the weight..
  •    Build custom crosswalks to brush rescue combo trucks.

Mallory's Innovative Features

  •    Poly water tanks are manufactured in house by the Mallory team allows tank customization and single source warranty
  •    Complete customization to meet customers specific needs.
  •    All stainless-steel plumbing eliminates corrosion.
  •    Quick disconnect plumbing facilitates quick repairs or modifications
  •    Pump sub frame assembly reduces weight and provide simpler installation and .
  •    Removal.

Built Tough -  To Handle Your Most Challenging Response 

Mallory's custom Brush Trucks can be built on an innovative chassis design that load-balances the water tank and operations gear. This allows you to get up virtually any road or into any wildland situation with a weight-distributed load. 

  •    Our innovative chassis design allows you to carry up to 1700 gallons - foam or water.
  •    Add custom racking for SCBA, tools, gear.
  •    Got an existing truck? We can rebuild or update it for you.


We Stand Behind the Departments We've Serviced 

If you need it for rescue, response, wildland access or structure fire deployment, we can service, repair or build it. We also specialize in pump repair to meet certification standards, cab and engine rebuilds and retrofitting and updating used Apparatus. 

Check out our recent Apparatus re-builds and creations on our photo page. 

Time's A-Wasting - Be Ready to Handle Your Next Response

We're ready to build or customize your Brush Truck. And repair and update your existing apparatus. 

Our design and production team can create a new apparatus, or update and repair your existing apparatus. See why departments across the USA and Canada turn to Mallory Fire Apparatus every day to provide them with the most advanced wildland fire suppression and travel tools in the business. 

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