Reduced Consumption

Reduce wasted products daily by controlling product restrictions

Increased Productivity

No need to waste time walking or waiting to get product by centralizing vending locations

Eliminate Stockouts

Always-available machine health with minimum/critical product alerts that trigger replenishment

24/7 Onsite Availability

Each vending machine is ready to vend at all hours ofthe day. It is pretty much your local onsite store

Why Mallory?

  • Dedicated vending staff with implementations of up to 70 machines within a single customer.
  • The power of vending is in the software and Mallory's SnapVend solution is the most powerful.
  • We have hundreds of vending machines in the field and are among the world experts on vending so you can trust this change initiative to be done right and on time.
  • We offer the most powerful yet easy to use solutions.