Mallory History

Originoal Portland Oregon Mallory Building

Original FB Mallory business in the early 1900's, in what is now the thriving Portland, Oregon Pine St. Market.

Source: University of Oregon Collection.

Mallory's History and Steady Growth

Mallory Safety and Supply has always been a family business. Mallory started as a small logging supplier in the 1800's and, through strong leadership and thoughtful acquisition, we have grown to be the leading industrial safety distributor on the West Coast, with 21 locations across the Western States, as well as a world class training center in Wisconsin and national safety and training business.  


Tim Loy, President of Mallory, has led Mallory's organic and customer service-based growth. Tim Loy joined Mallory in 1999 and took over the company from his father, Avery Loy, in the 2000's. Since then, Tim has served in various industry and vendor committees, including with MSA, Affiliated Distributors, and supplyFORCE (currently on Board of Directors). 

The Mallory Way Core Behaviors

Tim helped craft The Mallory Way and the principles that guide the ethic, and has helped assemble the team of many other regional independents into what could be described as a super-regional distributor, with national capabilities and aspirations. 

For more than 40-years, Mallory has provided industrial organizations with safety expertise and supply chain efficiency along with a broad array of safety products and solutions. During that time, Mallory has grown to include more than 30 offices and nearly 500 employees. We have expanded to be possibly the largest independent safety and industrial distributor in the United States. Our list of major acquisitions (below) demonstrates just how busy the Mallory Team has been.

We take our Customer Partnerships seriously, and hope to make it another 100 years by focusing on our Customers and Employees and doing things the right way, The Mallory Way.

What This Means For Our Customers

1. Mallory has integrated the best practices from all its acquisitions, which provides customers with great service, vending, VMI, staffing, training, and application expertise.

2. Mallory has strong relationships with almost every safety and industrial vendor.

3. Mallory has the strength to serve the largest Customers, while still being personal and approachable like the family business most of Mallory's employees grew up in.

Mallory Safety's Acquisition History

2020: Wise Safety & Environmental

2019: Chief Supply Team and limited assets

2018: Essential Safety Products; Safety West; Industrial Safety Supply

2018: Norwest Safety

2016: RJ Safety; Anderson's Western

2015: Sanderson Safety

2014: Interstate Safety & Supply, Inc.

2012: ENSA North America Inc.; Portland Contractors Supply

2011: PALM Abrasive and Tool, Inc.

2010: Safety & Supply Company

2009: BEE Industrial

2008: Genesis Label

2007: Te Tech

2005: California Safety and Cleanroom Supply