Rugged & Durable for Over 100 Years

The Mallory M inside a Diamond logo graced the side of the FB Mallory Co building in Portland, Oregon in the late 1800's. It was proudly stamped on the side of each of the workhorse logging blocks they manufactured as well. Blocks as big as 5' tall by 4' wide, rugged and durable, all stamped with the Mallory M inside of a Diamond. These blocks were beefy workhorses built to lift heavy logs and were advertised as "built stronger than seems necessary". A tradition we've continued to into this century - building a better product than is strictly necessary.

Keeping Workers Safer

Mallory was transformed into a safety focused company in the 1970's with the rise of OSHA, and a change of ownership to the Loy family. We continued to use the M inside of a Diamond in our company logo. And when it came time to manufacture our own line of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), we strove to deliver a better product than is strictly necessary. Globally sourced, our product has more features, higher quality materials, higher protection ratings, more value, just more.

Rock Solid & Ever Growing.  Our current Diamond M product logo is an updated complement to the traditional Mallory Company logo, the M has been designed to represent the Mountains of the great Pacific Northwest. This modern look symbolizes the rock solid and expansive nature of the Diamond M product offering - a growing, ever more extensive line of personal protective gear.

Value & Convenience

Why chose Diamond M, when there are so many quality manufacturers of PPE out there? In addition to the control over quality, direct sourcing product gives us more control over availability and pricing. Bringing in product by the container load means it's here when our customers need it, and at a competitive price. Need a thousand pairs of glasses and a thousand vests by tomorrow? We can do that. We're here to keep our customers safe, and working efficiently - so we can all go home to our families at the end of the day.

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