Justrite® 08306 Horizontal Drum Vent, 2 in NPT/NPS Bung, For Use With Corrosives and General Solvents Drums, Stainless Steel, Silver

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Justrite® 08306


Provide emergency pressure venting in the event of a fire to avoid drum failure and catastrophic consequences. All safety drum vents automatically relieve pressure between 3 and 8 psi and include a flame arrester to absorb and safely dissipate heat. Valve within the vent is tested to allow 61 cu-in of water through a 3/8 in pipe nipple in less than 6 sec for vacuum relief during drum dispensing operations. Vacuum relief permits smooth liquid flow and prevents possible drum collapse and leakage. Vacuum relief is automatic on vertically installed vents and manual on horizontally installed vents. Safety fill vents and funnels fit the 2 in bung on a vertically stored drum. The brass vent provides automatic pressure and vacuum relief and includes a brass cap with safety chain tethered to the vent to prevent misplacement or loss. Remove cap during drum filling operations. Model NO 08211 includes a 9 in wide polyethylene funnel to facilitate solvent waste disposal and reduce spillage. Keep vent capped in closed position after filling operations to prevent flammable vapor from escaping. 6 in flame arrester safely dissipates heat and prevents flashback from external ignition sources.

Justrite® Horizontal Drum Vent, For Use With: Corrosives and General Solvents Drums, 2 in NPT/NPS Bung, Stainless Steel, Silver

Color : Silver
Suitable For Use With : Corrosives and General Solvents Drums
Specifications : 2 in NPT/NPS Bung
Material : Stainless Steel
  • Relieve pressure build-up due to heat