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3M™ 051131-07521 MX-SR Sanding Roll, 20 ft L x 8 in W, Very Fine Grade, Aluminum Oxide Abrasive

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3M™ 07521


Scotch-Brite™ multi-flex sheets come on a 20 ft perforated roll and works quickly and economically for sealer sanding, denibbing, defuzzing, highlighting and topcoat finishing applications. The ultimate choice for surface preparation. This thin, tough, sharp-cutting non-woven abrasive roll is ultra flexible and conformable for cleaning or fine finishing. Scotch-Brite™ multi-flex sheet is a good replacement for steel wool and eliminates contaminants. The ultra fine grade silicon carbide abrasive mineral is suitable for cleaning and finishing surfaces by hand in woodworking, metalworking, synthetics fabrication and maintenance operations. The three grades of Scotch-Brite™ multi-flex sheet offer more aggressive, but not coarser, cutting and highly conformable finishing. Our most aggressive cutting grade is purple and is a highly conformable abrasive with high cut for paint preparation and wood finishes without dumping edges. It works great for scuffing new panels, door jambs and under bonnet areas. It is ideal for scuffing prior to primer and paint for proper mechanical adhesion, for tire cleanup and for cleaning grease, oil and rust from engine and other mechanical parts. Less aggressive - for exceptional finishes on wood and metal. Our grey multi-flex sheets are perfect for preparing color coat and simple blending and can be used with 3M™ prep and blend liquid (09308) or degreaser. Our least aggressive grade is copper and is used for water based paint systems and critical color blending. Use it for light scouring and with 3M™ prep and blend liquid (09308) or degreaser.

Scotch-Brite™ Non-Woven Sanding Roll, 8 in Roll Width, 20 ft Roll Length, Very Fine Grade, Aluminum Oxide Abrasive, Maroon, Applicable Materials: All Metals, Hardwood and Softwood


Blending, Blending Corners, Cleaning, Cleaning Internal Diameters, Contour Finishing, Finishing, Lacquer Sanding, Paint/Lacquer Sanding, Pre-Paint Scuffing, Rust Removal and Sealant Removal

Grade : Very Fine
Color : Maroon
Roll Length : 20 ft
Abrasive Material : Aluminum Oxide
Roll Width : 8 in
Applicable Materials : All Metals, Hardwood and Softwood
  • Thin, ultra conformable, extra sharp and economical Scotch-Brite™ sheets
  • Quick scuffing of irregular surfaces
  • Non-leveling, reusable, use wet or dry
  • Easy pop up dispenser center pull roll
  • Scrunches into a ball, like steel wool to protect hands
  • Use for woodworking, metalworking, synthetic fabrication and maintenance operations
  • Very flexible and conformable for cleaning or fine finishing
  • Replaces steel wool to eliminate contamination
  • Can be folded, stacked or rolled
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