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3M™ ScotchCode™ 054007-12175 STD Pre-Printed Hand Held Wire Marker Tape Dispenser With Tape, 96 in L x 0.215 in W Label, 10 Rolls, Plastic, Clear

  • ITEM CODE: 3MIND-80610733752
  • UPC: 054007121756

  • Min. Order Qty: 1
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3M™ 054007-12175


The 3M™ ScotchCode™ Wire Marker Tape Dispenser STD is a compact, carry-along dispenser with ten refillable compartments which hold eight-foot rolls of non-smear polyester tape. The tape's high tack, acrylic adhesive resists solvents, oil and water and adheres firmly to insulation surfaces. An end loop hooks the dispenser easily to a tool pouch or belt. Dispensers can be ordered empty or filled with 10 rolls of either pre-printed numbers 0-9 or NEMA colors

3M™ ScotchCode™ Wire Marker Tape Dispenser, Pre-Printed Hand Held, Series: STD, 96 in Label Length, 0.215 in Label Width, C Legend, 10 Rolls, Plastic, Clear

Series : STD
Legend : C
Type : Pre-Printed Hand Held
Label Length : 96 in
Label Width : 0.215 in
Number Of Rolls : 10
Material : Plastic
Color : Clear
  • Compact design for easy handling, Hangs from a tool belt
  • Features an end loop to easily suspend it from a tool pouch or belt
  • Helps provide contamination protection around the wire markers
  • Acrylic adhesive which resists solvents and water
  • Identification type
  • Low voltage application
  • Polyester tape rolls
  • Refillable dispenser
  • Can be custom filled to meet specific project requirements
  • -40 to 121 deg C temperature range
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  • pdf Specification Sheet https://assets.unilogcorp.com/2/ITEM/DOC/IDW_DOCUMENT_eb8c2d9b12ec34406e245acb151fe407c4f5bd2f9b9e9e92db1894e240976846.pdf