Markal® 086958 Thermomelt® Temperature Indicator, 1100 deg F

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Markal® 086958


Thermomelt® HEAT-STIK® markers are a quick, low-cost method to accurately measure surface temperatures of various metals and equipment. Available in 88 Fahrenheit and 32 Centigrade temperatures, the stick-in-holder design provides convenience and durability for long-lasting use in the workshop or in the field.

Markal® Temperature Indicator, Series: Thermomelt®, 1100 deg F


Welding, Ship Building and Repair, Bridge and Metal Fabrication, Forge and Casting Foundries, Railroad Industry, Steel Mills and Warehouses

Temperature Rating : 1100 deg F
Series : Thermomelt®
  • Long lasting stick is 33% bigger than competition
  • Accurate to within +/-1% of Fahrenheit and +/-3% Celsius rated temperatures, no need for sensor calibration
  • When the stick melts, the precise temperature is reached
  • Ideal for pre-heating, post-weld heat treating, interpass temperature monitoring, stress-relieving and annealing
  • Protective holder, shirt-clip and adjustment ring prevents breakage and improves handling
  • Suitable for use on steel and iron
  • The initial mark appears dull and chalky, when desired temperature is reached, the mark quickly melts to a glossy liquid
  • Bigger design makes Thermomelt® the industry's longest lasting heat stick
  • Gravity advance holder protects stick and prevents stick from slipping back inside holder
  • 5 in long
  • AWS D1.1
  • ANSI Specified
  • ASME B31.1
  • B31.3