Norton® 61463610555 38A Dressing Stick, Squared Shape, 1/2 in Dia, 4 in L x 1/2 in W x 1/2 in THK

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Norton® 61463610555


Engineered with a white aluminum oxide abrasive and a highly versatile vitrified bond, 38A AO dressing sticks deliver cool, efficient results when used in toolroom and dressing applications. Pair them with your manual sharpeners to true and dress a variety of materials, including soft carbon steels, tool steels and alloys. These sticks are perfect for dressing and cleaning resin and vitrified CBN wheels and work great on diamond wheels as well. Use them with confidence to open, clean and reshape grinding wheels to extend their lifespan and maximize their performance.

Norton® Dressing Stick, Series: 38A, Squared Shape, 1/2 in Diameter, 4 in Overall Length, 1/2 in Overall Width, 1/2 in Overall Thickness, 220 Grit, Fine Grade, Aluminum Oxide Abrasive, Vitrified Bond, White

Color : White
Series : 38A
Abrasive Material : Aluminum Oxide
Grade : Fine
Grit : 220
Bond Type : Vitrified
Shape : Squared
Diameter : 1/2 in
Overall Length : 4 in
Overall Width : 1/2 in
Overall Thickness : 1/2 in
  • Friable, white aluminum oxide abrasive with cool dressing action
  • The most versatile vitrified bond, especially engineered for tool room/dressing applications
  • For dressing and cleaning resin and vitrified CBN wheels, these sticks also work well for diamond wheels
  • Excellent choice for cleaning, opening and reshaping grinding wheels to maximize their grinding performance